Updates to our eEdge system this week

Just a few new things to make our lives a little easier. Market Leader and KW have been working hard to add new features to the eEdge site and myTransactions has made some updates too!

First, your loops now have loops in tasks. You can add task loops to a loop or you can add a loop to a task.

Next, all tasks now have the address or loop name associated with the task. This will make it easier to identify which task belongs to what loop.

Task name attached to loop now



Another new trick that you can now do is print all the documents in a loop. You can print one at a time or all at once. You can also download the docs one at a time or all at once.

Neighborhood search was released just yesterday. This gives Pro and Business Suite users the ability to narrow down the search for their clients. It also gives users a tool to pinpoint the area they are interested in viewing. These are no longer just linked to zip codes, but use the same resource the postal service does for delivery.

Last update for today, A “New Agent” Kit is available on the Market Leader website for $5.00. This gives new agents 3 months of Pro and 250 business cards. THAT’S RIGHT JUST $5.00. What an amazing deal!! This is something  we have to share!! If you are an existing agent you can also take advantage of this deal, talk to your MC. It won’t last forever so take advantage NOW!

Make it a great day!



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