New 33 Touch just launched. Make sure you don’t miss the critical edit!

The new 33 touch has been ready for you to launch. Just make sure that when you are adding all those great contacts to it, they are being directed to the right place.

On the piece that is going out on May 23rd, it is promoting your app, so you are going to want to edit this piece and make sure that the button that says “download my app now” is linked to you and NOT to the generic KW app.

Mobile app

To do this:

Click on campaigns, launch the 33 touch – Home Ownership matters, scroll down to the 5th piece and click the pencil on the right side of the screen.

When the edit screen pops up you will click on the button that says download the app now, then select the link bottom from the editor at the top of the screen.

Add your mobile URL. You will find that in the back office of eAgentC under 4.5.

Then save the piece. You can also highlight the words at the bottom of the email and insert a link back to your mobile app download page.


Happy Selling!




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